Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Philadelphia Video Production; 5 CONSIDERATIONS WHEN CHOOSING A Company

Video is used everywhere nowadays. Long gone are the days when it was a medium just for the television. Which is a good thing because small companies can now use video technology to promote their business in creative ways instead of wasting a small fortune on TV advertising. 

Sure TV advertising might be worth something for a huge company like Procter & Gamble (who spent 4.5 billion on TV advertising in 2014) but most small companies don't have a budget of a country, which is basically what it costs to produce a television spot and buy the air time as well. The companies that rely on television advertising are quickly disillusioned by the questionable demographics Nielsen provides and the low return on investment the spot actually delivers. That's why P&G cut their TV ad spend over $500 million in 2015 and shifted that to a digital marketing spend...simply because it believes online ads deliver a higher return on investment than TV or print.

from Avanti Vision Digital Marketing Blog

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